Making a new Slava index wheel

Someone had broken off this Slava's pawl jewel, and then tried to make it run without. They destroyed the index wheel, so we'll have to improvise a new one.

More photos inside!

The Slava is a Russian clone of the Accutron 214. There are no parts available, but they are so faithful a clone that some Accutron parts can be made to work.

The plan

The old index wheel is clearly bad, with lots of teeth utterly flattened. (This wheel's diameter is 2.40mm. Lots of magnification is used in these photos!)

An Accutron wheel won't just work in its place, although they are very similar. The Accutron pivots are larger and don't fit in the Slava's jewels.

But we'll take the wheel from a new Accutron index wheel and the original Slava pinion, assemble them, and we'll have a perfect and invisible repair. Here is what the new index wheel looks like.

Separating the old pinion

Aside from the care required because of its small size, separating the old wheel and pinion is a simple matter in the staking set. This is using the smallest balance pivot stake I have, which rests on the shoulders beneath the pivot.

The pinion pops right out. They have almost no riveting because the wheels are so small and the forces in the running train are almost zero. Here is the same done to the new 214 wheel. Notice I marked the top of the wheel with a sharpie to make extra sure I wouldn't reinstall it upside-down.


A quick eyeball comparison of the parts tells me the hole in the Slava wheel is bigger than the 214 wheel, so the new wheel won't go on without distortion.

So I measured the old one and marked the right diameter on my reamer with a sharpie, and reamed out the 214's center hole to match.

Now back to the staking set to press the newly reamed wheel onto the old pinion. This is a nice tight fit, and only the slightest riveting is necessary.

The new wheel works perfectly!