A Slava 3rd wheel

I modified this Accutron 214 3rd wheel to fit a Slava Transistor.

A fellow repairer in Europe is working on a Slava Transistor that has corrosion that destroyed the 3rd wheel. I compared a Slava 3rd wheel and an Accutron 214 3rd wheel, and found them nearly identical except the Slava has smaller pivots, about 9.5, where the Accutron's are about 11.

He could have replaced his Slava's jewels to fit the Accutron part, but modifying a movement to fit an incorrect part is botch work. It is much better to modify a new part to fit the movement correctly, and to be indistinguishable from an original part.

I cut down the pivots on this Accutron 3rd wheel to match Slava specs for him.