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I said earlier that I found my old LGX CDROM but the boot floppy is gone. Someone smarter than me (I guess) suggested I look on the CD -- and guess what -- the floppy image is on there. I tried booting LGX in both vmware and qemu, but neither works because their CDROM support is IDE, and Linux of the era didn't support IDE CDROM. I'm not even sure they existed. My machine at the time had SCSI and ESDI. The supported CDROMs are CDU-31a (special drive that plugged into the Sound Blaster), CDU-535 (which I had later -- a special drive with its own interface), and of course SCSI.

So one of these days I will collect together a 486, an ISA SCSI card (Adaptec 1542), a SCSI CDROM drive and a small hard disk, and see if it still installs.

Does anyone else want a copy of this CD? I see mention of Yggdrasil online but I can't find a distribution this early. It may have had very limited distribution.