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I found some old notes from one of my early Linux installs. It might have been the first permanent install I had:

sda1 DOS 40MB
sda2 Linux 267MB
sda3 Linux swap 23MB
hda1 Linux 5MB
hda2 DOS 150MB

I recall these were both full size drives, a 340MB SCSI and a 160MB ESDI, in my blazingly fast 386/40. That was a LOT of disk space. It probably had 4MB of RAM at the time but later I think the machine had 8MB. I think the kernel was Linux 0.99pl7. The distribution was Yggdrasil "LGX" (Linux, GNU, X Windows).

It seems hard to believe now but I'm pretty sure the 5MB was the root partition with the 267MB being /usr. The MINIX install (still?) recommends the root partition be no larger than 1.44MB (for easy backup), so maybe 5MB was pretty large at the time and customary in the "brave new world" of Linux.

It was about 1993, and the software came on one of those newfangled CD-ROMs. I bought the CD at "CD-ROM World" which was a store here in Lincoln whose specialty was selling software that ... you guessed it ... came on CD-ROMs.

I still have the CD but sadly the boot floppy (floppies?) are long gone (machines could not boot from CD-ROM back then.)